Dyna F1 550

This full-season variety produces a very firm and viscous jointless fruit which makes it great for paste and dicing. Also its’ superb color, uniformity and size makes it ideal for…

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Dyna F1 582

Dyna F1-582 is another multi-purpose variety offered by SAMYER. The plant is highly adaptable to diverse growing conditions and performs well by delivering a heavy yield. The fruit is quite…

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Dyna F1 583

This variety is a Fusarium Race 3 resistant particular for those regions effected by this disease. The fruit is bearing a deep red color with very high quality. High solids…

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Dyna F1 701

Dyna F1-701 represents the best of Samyer’s. The 12 to 17 gram mini-plum shaped fruit carries an eye-catching golden flesh that is firm and crack-resistant delivering an excellent shelf-life. The…

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Dyna F1-554

Dyna F1-554 semi early variety with an outstanding heat resistance capability. High levels of solids and viscosity makes this variety an ideal processing tomato. High measures of Lycopene dresses this…

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Dyna F1-585

This heat tolerant variety, is known for its’ great uniformity in shape, size and color. Bearing a deep red colored flesh and weighing between 140 to 160 grams, the fruits…

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Dyna F1-654

Dyna F1-654 is very comparable to our Dyna F1-554 variety in terms of almost all characteristics. However, in the case of Dyna F1-650, the square shaped fruit is elongated and…

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Punnia F1 1350

Remarks:Very Vigorous, Uniform Maturity
Excellent Shelf-life
Firm Texture
Plant:Determinate type for Open-field
Main saason to late season producer
Great covor for stacked culture
Small blossom scars
Size:300g to 350g
Shape:Deep Globe
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Punnia F1 1368

Remarks:Highly adaptable
Great shipping quality
Very early
Plant:Strong compact vine
Ideal for both stake and ground culture
Well adapted to early planting and short days
Shape:Very large and deep oblate fruit
Resistance:VFF, ASC
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Punnia F1-877

Punnia F1-877 is an indeterminate truss tomato, capable of producing long-shelf life fruits that are highly uniform in terms of shape, size and their beautiful deep red color. The vines…

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Rio Grande

Rio Grande Tomato, one of the well known OP saladette tomatoes out there, used all over the world for both fresh market and processing purposes. Medium solids but high viscosity,…

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Strain B

An early maturing OP variety which produces round fruits that could weigh up to 140g and is vastly used for processing market all over the world. The determinate plant is…

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