Grey Zucchini

As the name implies, Gray Zucchini is a zucchini-type summer squash (Lebanese Squash) with a cylindrical shape that is lightly tapered to the stem end and a gray toned medium-green…

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Round Zucchini

A vigorous variety capable of producing heavy yield of globe-shaped zucchini type squashes that are 6 to 8 cm in diameter and covered in a dark green skin. The yellow…

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Tees F1-801

Tees F1 produces astonishing fruits that are just great in terms of both looks and taste. Heavy yields of medium-sized gray squashes, 12 to 16 cm in length, uniformly straight…

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Tees F1-802

Remarks:Medium Flower Attachment
Highly Uniform
Medium Ribs
maturity:50 Days
Plant:Strong, Branched
Medium Internodes
color:Spring Meadow Green
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Tees F1-803

Remarks:No side shoots
High yield
Early-maturing large edible blossoms
Plant:Strong open plant
Multiple concentrated settings
Short nodes, limited silvering
No side shoots
Limited leaf silvering
maturity:Very Early
color:Light Green
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Tees F1-804

Remarks:Highly productive
Very homogeneous
Ideal for fresh market
maturity:45 Days
color:Light Green Exterior
White Green Flesh
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