Ananas F1

This highly vigorous variety is very adaptable to multiple diverse conditions. The plant has a medium-strong habit capable of producing uniform, large and tan-skinned fruits. The fruit bears a fine…

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Charentais is a French variety of cantaloupe melon. Round in shape, these fruits grows up to 16 cm in diameter. The medium thick rind is bluish green covered with soft…

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Suitable for both indoor and outdoor production, this variety delivers a great yield of highest quality fruits with an excellent flavor and high sugar content. The light-green crisp flesh inside…

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Viola-F1 800

Remarks:Exceptionally firm fruit, Strong plant
Highly adaptable with excellent yield potential
Great aroma and flavor, High brix
color:Deep orange flesh, Sandy skin with semi-fine netting
cavity:Small, Compact
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Viola-F1 801

Remarks:Firm and crisp flesh
High yield potential
Early netting
Early netting on the rind, Great shipping quality
Sweet flavor
Type:Western Shipper / Cantaloupe
Size:up to 4 lbs (highly uniform)
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Viola-F1 802

Remarks:Very sweet and flavorful
Crisp flesh
maturity:85 to 95 Days
color:White flesh contained within a dark green outer layer
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Viola-F1 806

Remarks:Great Aroma
Exceptionally high brix
Crisp Flesh
maturity:85 Days
Type:Charentais type hybrid
color:Deep orange flesh contained within a tan coarse-netted rind
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Viola-F1 903

Remarks:Compact vines
Ideal for shorter growing seasons
Small personal size
Very high brix
maturity:Extremely Early
Size:Less than 1 lbs
cavity:Very Small
color:Salmon orange flesh, Coarse netted green rind
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Wrangler F1

Remarks:Highly Productive
Uniform shape, size and color (inside and out)
High Brix, Excellent flavor
maturity:85 Days
Size:5 to 6 lbs.
color:Deep orange thick flesh
Med/Coarse netting on the rind with visible sutures
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Yellow Canary

Average fruit weight of up to 3 Kg combining a canary-yellow smooth rind on the outside and a sweet succulent flesh on the inside. This variety is known for it’s…

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