Chantenay Red Core

Red Chantenay carrots is a productive variety used vastly in the processing industry because of it’s great freezing, canning and storage potentiality. The roots are thick and short, 6″ at…

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Imperator 58

Imperator, originated from the heart of the Middle-East, is known for its’ versatility and long storage capability. The roots are coreless, crisp, slightly tapered while longer and thinner than other…

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Nantes Scarlet

Scarlet, originated from the USA and now a favorite all over the world, is a multi-purpose early-maturing carrot desirable for every market. The roots are slender type cylindrical rather than…

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Ratin F1 1199

Remarks:Great Fresh Market Variety
Sweet Flavor
Stores well
Shape:Long, Slender and Tapered
Plant:Healthy strong tops
Tops grow up to 22 inches in length
Size:Roots are between 8 to 10 inches in length
up to 3/4 of an inch in diameter
maturity:75 Days
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