About Us

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At SAMYER, we are prepared to go beyond the boundaries and branch out of our comfort zone to challenge assumptions in delivering bold and innovative, value added solutions to those in the industry. Our notoriety for excellence of products, services and firm commitment to our vision to make superior vegetables a reality is a reputation that we strive for. We stake our future on this reputation as we set our aim in creating new standards of quality. SAMYER challenges the norm to set new chain-wide standards of value by looking beyond in addressing needs of today’s and tomorrow’s food chain. We know farming and seeds from the inside out and work in partnership with our distributors, growers and other customers throughout the food channel. We recognize innovations that are both meaningful and necessary for the future of the food chain.

It’s Who We Are

Infuse years of experience into modern agricultural science and SAMYER emerges on the field as a trusted resource for farmers while also piquing the interest of others with agricultural pursuits. SAMYER, founded in Southern California, is rooted with a knowledgeable team of experts with years of agricultural experience, both on the field and in research and development. Our deep-seeded interest sparked us to bud a rather unique approach to selecting, producing and marketing high quality vegetable seeds.

Our Unique Approach

Beneath the surface of our product excellence is intense product sourcing which drives SAMYER to grow among the industry leaders. SAMYER’s seeds deliver the highest germination possible by using only the freshest and the fattest seeds for growers. We collaborate to strive for an even greater range of products offering cutting-edge varieties through our company’s associations with major breeding programs.
Our team of experts closely monitors multiple hybrid evaluations around the globe. Our advanced product assessment programs places emphasis on the newest breeds of tomato, pepper, cucumber and watermelon to be featured in our globally competitive product line, only if found worthy. Our goal is to become more versatile, stronger and larger to meet our international competitors. We offer personalized and friendly service along with our continued expansion of knowledge in the horticultural field. SAMYER is also committed to helps increase crop productivity; improve quality of life and health while protecting the environment.

SAMYER blossoms and thrives to produce generations of healthy growth by staying competitive among the agricultural industry’s leading brands. We aim to make our website a resource that is informative and enjoyable for professional growers and for anyone interested in agricultural pursuits.